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Cuddle Bands FAQs

How wide are Cuddle Bands™ dog belly bands?

The length and width of the belly bands is as follows:

Size Length (inches) Width (inches)
xsmall 11-13" 3-1/2"
small 14-16" 4-1/4"
medium 17-19" 4-1/4"
large 20-22" 5-1/4"


How to measure your dog for a belly band
To ensure a proper fit, please use a tape measure and place it around your male dog's rear girth (as shown below). Be sure to add 1-2" to account for a disposable pad.

What is the best way to prolong the life of my dog’s belly band?
Cuddle Bands™ are designed to be long lasting and reusable with proper care. To maximize the life of your bands, wash in cold water with like colors. Be sure that the Velcro closures are together when washing to prevent the Cuddle Band™ from sticking to other fabrics. Over time, if your belly band accumulates excess lint, use a firm brush or comb to gently brush away the excess lint.

The belly band I purchased does not fit my dog. Can I return/exchange?
Yes, no problem! We offer a 30-day return or exchange on all of our bands. Please follow our return process.

What type of pad or liner would you recommend for use with this belly band?

Any disposable pad (such as a maxi pad or Poise pad) will work well with our belly bands. Be sure to change as needed to prevent skin irritation.

My dog is paralyzed. Will these belly bands stay on even if he drags himself around a bit?
Our belly bands were designed with handicapped dogs in mind. As long the fit is snug to your dog’s body, the band should stay put despite dragging or pulling.