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Comfortable, effective belly bands for your marking or incontinent male dog

What are Cuddle Bands?

Does your furry family member struggle with incontinence or marking indoors? Is your male dog’s frequent wetting in the house causing unnecessary worry and clean-up for your family? Meet Cuddle Bands!

Cuddle Bands male dog belly bands help you get back to enjoying quality time with your canine companion, without constant stress over stained carpet or furniture. Our comfortable, premium bands eliminate messy clean-up while keeping your dog comfortable and happy.

Simply place a disposable pad inside the Cuddle Band and secure the band around your dog’s midsection. Then get back to enjoying your time with your furry best friend.

Cuddle Bands are ideal for:

  • Housebreaking male puppies or rescue dog
  • Senior dogs with urinary incontinence due to age or health
  • Adult male dogs who are marking their territory
  • Nervous wetters who wet/mark when visiting or traveling to new homes

"I love my little buddy, but I didn't love his habit of marking all over the house. Cuddle Bands saved my family's sanity."

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What makes Cuddle Bands special?

Cuddle Bands were developed by a passionate group of dog lovers and rescuers. We've cared for hundreds of rescue dogs with health-related incontinence and behavioral marking problems that were helped by belly bands. Unfortunately, most products we tried were ill-fitting or irritated to our furry friends' skin. We couldn't find a band comfortable enough for our dogs - so we invented one!

Cuddle Bands are:

  • Elastic-free to prevent pinching and chafing yet snug-fitting for effective protection.
  • Soft fabric outer and inner layers. Dogs often forget they are wearing them!
  • Designed for use with any disposable pad. No fabric inserts required
  • Washable, durable and reusable. Hand sewn and quality checked right here in the USA.

“Our crazy little guy constantly lifts his leg in the house. This has saved our carpet and furniture. It has allowed us to keep our furry friend. I wash it in a regular cycle with other laundry and it washes great!”

Janice and Frank deVilla

"Great quality material, this is my second time purchasing so I can have two to switch between washings. The design keeps our dog from wiggling out and has a nice soft fabric that won't bunch.”

Anne Marie Breck

"I have used these bellybands for my incontinent senior dog for years now which prevents many "mistakes." They can be machine washed and dried and come out looking like new. "

P. Jackson