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We appreciate our customers and value their feedback! Here’s what a few of our valued customers have had to say about the Cuddle Cone soft e-collar:


"My dog had some surgery on her back end and she had to wear the cone for 3 weeks. This worked perfectly for her and she was even able to navigate the dog door without problem." - Jane R. 

"This collar has been a lifesaver for my Bengal kitty!" - Deanna J.

"Worth every penny. Our dog was so comfortable with this on as her foot healed. It was almost as if she used it as a pillow." - Patti L. 

Got the collar delivered today, it is perfect! Thank you so much……all vets should sell your collars, I certainly intend to tell mine.” – Cathy W., New Jersey 

“I just wanted to thank you for your quick response to my order. My kitty is having eye surgery this morning so I now have it just in time for him to wear it when I pick him up later today. And the e-collar is just adorable! You guys are terrific!” – Connie Y

“This is perfect for my Aussie. She has severe allergies and sometimes chews at herself. This cone is very soft but holds its shape and is very simple to put on and take off. The fabric is very soft and the velcro is strong. Thanks for the great product!” – Gayle E 

“Thank you for making such a terrific, quality product!!!!” – Donna L. & “Gurgi”

“I just wanted to thank you for getting my collar to me so quickly.  Tallie had her eye surgery last Friday, and even though the vet did not recommend a soft collar, I could tell right away that the ridgid collar was not going to work.  Your collar has been a god send. It is comfy for her to lie down in and, when she runs the edge into something, it doesn’t jar her so badly but still holds its shape to protect her eye.  Great product, and I will recommend it to my friends.  Thanks again.”  – Debbie W.

“Thanks so much for developing this awesome e collar! The fleece lining is an especially nice touch, and cushions Yogi’s head while sleeping and lying down.” – Nikki G., Encinitas, CA

“We were initially concerned that a soft e-collar would not provide enough wound protection after our little shih-tzu’s eye removal. The cone is actually quite firm, without being too heavy on his head. The Cuddle Cone has definitely made a difficult time a little easier on us. We appreciate the fast response to our questions and the super-fast shipping! 5 stars.” -Patricia L., Grand Rapids, MI

As a dog foster mom, I have been caring for sick, injured or recently “fixed” animals for 20+ years. When it comes to the cone of shame, I have seen/used it all. Cuddle Cone is a great alternative to plastic cones, and is leaps and bounds above some of the other soft e-collars on the market. I also appreciate the special discount for rescues and the fact that they are made in the USA.” -Kami, San Diego, CA

“Awesome, well made product. So happy we discovered this cone and so is our kitty!”-Ron and Tammy L. & Winston, Tampa, FL

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