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Cuddle Band Limited Edition USA Flag Print

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This special, limited edition Vintage USA Flag Cuddle Band is 30% lighter weight than our original belly bands. This style is cooler for hot weather, with a lightweight cotton top layer and high-quality navy fleece inner lining.

These soft, absorbent belly bands wrap around your dog's body, adding a layer of protection between dogs who "mark" and your furniture or carpet. Clean-up is much faster and easier than removing a pet stain from your home!

Cuddle Bands Belly Bands work great for incontinent dogs, as well as for dogs that urinate when they are nervous or excited. The belly band can also aid in your housebreaking efforts. Once your pet learns that he just wets into the belly bands instead of hitting his target, he may be discouraged from marking altogether.

Directions: Use with any sanitary pad (not included). The mesh liner offers 2 different options for placing the pad:

1) For dogs who may have a desire to chew the pad, place the pad underneath the mesh liner; or

2) Attach the disposable pad on top of the mesh liner.

How to Measure: Measure your dog loosely around his rear waist where the male wrap would lie. Add 1-2" to this measurement to accommodate a disposable pad. If your dog is between two sizes, please size up. Fit is adjustable with hook and loop closures.

Care Instructions: Machine wash on gentle cycle in cold water with a mild detergent (do not bleach). Tumble dry on low heat or line dry. 

Due to variations in the printed fabric used, the exact print of each Cuddle Band will vary.

Made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Quincy is a 5 year old Coton de Tulear that is completely house trained. I noticed he had accidents at the entry to each bedroom in the house. I couldn’t figure out why Quincy was having accidents until I spoke to another Coton de Tulear owner who was having the same issue with her Coton. I realized it was an anxiety problem when Quincy was left in the house. I ordered a Cuddle Band and sure enough Quincy stopped having accidents in the house. He has also always cried endlessly on every car trip. I put the Cuddle Band on him in the car and no more crying!!!!
This Cuddle Band is AMAZING!!!
Quincy now owns 3 Cuddle Bands!!!
Thank you SO much!!!