Cuddle Bands Belly Bands for Male Dogs

Cuddle Bands Premium Belly Bands for Male Dog Housebreaking and Incontinence

Do you need help with house training your puppy or preventing wetting accidents with your incontinent senior or handicapped dog? Cuddle Bands dog belly bands provide comfortable, effective and stylish protection.

Our washable and reusable male dog belly bands are lined with premium no-pill fleece and do not contain elastic, which can bunch or pull at your dog's sensitive areas. Our premium quality bands include an inner mesh pocket and "two-way" functionality to fit your unique needs.

Cuddle Band Male Dog Belly Bands two-way protection

The soft fabric and fun prints make house training more pleasant for everyone involved. These soft, absorbent belly bands wrap securely around your dog's body, adding a layer of protection between dogs who "mark" and your furniture or carpet. Clean-up is as simple as removing the disposable pad -much faster and easier than removing a pet stain from your home!

CuddleBands work great for incontinent dogs requiring a diaper, as well as for dogs that urinate when they are nervous or excited. They may also be used as a temporary measure to help with housebreaking. Once your dog learns that he just wets into the belly bands instead of hitting his target, he may be discouraged from marking altogether.