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Does your furry family member struggle with incontinence or marking indoors? Is your male dog’s frequent wetting in the house causing unnecessary worry and clean-up for your family? Meet Cuddle Bands!

Cuddle Bands male dog belly bands help you get back to enjoying quality time with your canine companion, without constant stress over stained carpet or furniture. Our comfortable, premium bands eliminate messy clean-up while keeping your dog comfortable and happy.

Simply place a disposable pad inside the Cuddle Band and secure the band around your dog’s midsection. Then get back to enjoying your time with your furry best friend.

Cuddle Bands are ideal for:

  • Housebreaking male puppies or rescue dog
  • Senior dogs with urinary incontinence due to age or health
  • Adult male dogs who are marking their territory
  • Nervous wetters who wet/mark when visiting or traveling to new homes