How to Use a Belly Band to Housebreak Your Dog

How to Use a Belly Band to Housebreak Your Dog

Does it seem like your dog is urinating in your house all of the time? Is he urinating in the same spots over and over, despite thorough cleanings? There is a perfect reason for this, and a good quality belly band will help you cure it!

Scent Marking

We all know what a powerful sense of smell dogs have. Their smell is so powerful, they can tell things about other dogs by the smell of their urine. It’s a bit like how we can discern things about food by the smell, only amplified exponentially!

Have you ever wondered why your dog might seem to want to urinate on every single standing object during your walks? All dogs, especially intact animals (un-neutered/spayed), like to ‘mark’ their territories, letting either other animals know it is theirs, where to find them (in the case of the opposite sex), or other things about them. To make matters worse for homeowners out there, dogs will often recognize their scent and continue to mark in the same place, even through all but the most thorough cleanings!

Wearing Belly Bands When Housebreaking

  • Wearing a belly band during house training will prevent those persistent urine stains, and even worse- continued odors, from leaking onto the carpet, furniture, or flooring. Since no scent will be left behind, and your pup won’t be able to recognize areas he tried to ‘mark’, he won’t be tempted to mark it all over again!

  • Your dog won’t be able to urinate on anything in the first place; your ‘stain’ problem will be non-existent!

How to Use a Belly Band

Your new belly band will wrap right around the waist of your dog, just in front of the hips (make sure to capture the male genitalia). This will be 100% effective at preventing stains if applied correctly and with a proper fit.

Applying your Belly Band

Wrap your new Cuddle Band around your dog at his midsection, making sure it is nice and snug without being too tight. Attach the velcro, making sure the band is securely in place!

  • Use the belly band only when your dog is inside. You want him to learn that he can urinate outside naturally.

  • Check your belly band regularly. Leaving a urine buildup to accumulate could cause a rash on your dog’s skin.

  • Cuddle Bands are designed with an optional mesh pocket for dogs who may try to chew the disposable pad. Simply tuck the disposable pad inside the mesh liner.