Cuddle Bands FAQ: Why Not Just Train Your Dog Instead of Using Belly Bands?

Cuddle Bands FAQ: Why Not Just Train Your Dog Instead of Using Belly Bands?

Welcome to our "Ask the Cuddle Crew" series, where we answer your questions about Cuddle Bands. This week's question is:

Q: Why can’t you just train your dog or take them outside? Is using a belly band just pet owner laziness?

A: Thanks for asking! We realize that many people have never used a belly band for their male dogs and may not be familiar with their intended use. 

We agree wholeheartedly that conscientious house training and exercise are an important part of keeping your pets (and people) happy and healthy. A belly band should never be used as a substitute for responsible housebreaking and pet care.  

That said, some dogs have ongoing issues that cause frequent marking or wetting despite having a loving and attentive family. This is where Cuddle Bands come in.

Our products are designed to promote happier dog/human relationships by helping mitigate unique peeing problems. Cuddle Bands customers typically fall into the following categories:

Belly Bands for Male Dog Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a condition that can affect senior or handicapped dogs, or younger pups who are experiencing a unique health issue. The condition may be temporary, or just a normal part of the dog’s life that needs to be managed with kindness and compassion.


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Belly Bands for Male Dog Marking Behaviors

Male dogs pee to claim or mark their territory.

In some cases, your dog may never pee inside in your home, only when traveling, visiting other homes or when left alone for short periods of time. Previously housetrained pups may even begin marking again temporarily after a new dog is introduced to the home. 

A belly band can help with initial housebreaking (the dog realizes they are not getting any result from lifting their leg) as well as with ongoing marking behaviors. A belly band can be especially useful for rescue and foster dog parents who are caring for a variety of dogs with health and behavioral issues.

But don’t take our word for it! Here are what a few of our customers had to say about why they use Cuddle Bands:

"This works well on our senior incontinent dog when we have to be gone for a few hours. Doggie diapers looked uncomfortable on my dog but this band allows him to move around a lot more comfortably and much easier to take on and off."

"This belly band saved my sanity. Our Pomeranian started marking the house when another pet was brought in...or at least we think that's when it started because he's darn sneaky. We started noticing the finish on the bottom of the dining room table was gone (!). We take it off when he goes out, and put it back on when he comes in. I feel like we are able to live with our dog now. And I won't have to keep purchasing new area rugs."

"This product fits very well and stays in place. I have a dog who is handicapped and this was a life saver." 

"It’s a great solution if you have a male dog that likes to spot pee all over the place! Every time we leave the house, our dog gets "even" with us for leaving him by urinating on the carpet somewhere. Neutering didn’t help. He doesn't have an incontinence problem, but just loves to go on the carpet out of spite."

"Easy to use, handles the problem, total peace of mind visiting with pet in friends home and while traveling. Used during a 10 day car trip, stayed in 3 different motels, and visited family in an assisted living facility."

"We’re a rescue that provides Belly Bands with each male adoption.  This helps to prevent unwanted marking or peeing in a new home until their house breaking has been achieved.  In our 13 year history in adoptions we have never had a dog returned due to unwanted marking or peeing."

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